About us
Almost all the parts for almost all the brands

We, SEOUL Machinery Co., Ltd., basically have been leading manufacturer of hydraulic breaker and attachments in Korea for
more than 20years.

We have produced hydraulic breakers, various spare parts for
hydraulic breakers and attachments for excavators such as crusher, pulverizer, vibratory compactor, shears, clam shell, grabs and grapples,.. But we know that our brand is not so famous.
The reason is that we have supplied our products under OEM basis.

By the way, in the last month of 2007, we reformed our company.

We engaged very able persons as members of management and
have set up our own brand - SM series. And we started producing
new machine named hydraulic rock splitter - SRS Series.
This system is a new rock fragmentation method that doesnot
generate noise, vibration, dust in rock breaking job.
It breakes the rock not by blasting but by hydraulic power.

Meantime we have a division that conducts supplying various
parts - hydraulic breaker parts, hydraulic pump and motor parts, undercarriage parts of construction equipment, rock drill parts,
concrete pump parts and consumption items and spare parts for
mining, quarry and tunneling.

Please understand that always we are ready to support you
even if we were in your next door.
And please donot forget that our merit points are


FACTORY : 600 m2
CNC Lathe (PUMA 18) 1 DAEWOO 2004
M.C.T(KH63G) 1 KIA 1998
2nd, 5th Milling 1 each HWACHON 1998
Round Grinder (Large) 1 CHINA 2006
Inside diameter Measuring M/C 2 TONGIL 1996
Lathe(8Ja, 14Ja) 1each HWACHON 1998
Hydraulic Tester 1 SEOUL 2002
Washing M/C 1 SEOUL 2002

SEOUL Machinery Co., Ltd.
2Lot 107Block, Namdong Industrial Complex, GojanDong, NamdongGu, Incheon, Korea(405-818)
TEL +82-32-814-1488 / 814-2588  FAX +82-32-814-0588  E-Mail kslee@seoulmach.com  www.seoulmach.com